Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today We Remember

We should remember this.  Our minds and the world do not exist as opposites, because neither our minds nor the world truly exist. What does exist is vision, and vision arises when our mind and the world meet.

I use the word vision loosely here. Vision may be sight, or it may be hearing, smell, touch, taste or inspiration. Whichever of these it is, it is active, momentary, never lasting. It does not come back.

Remembering is a verb, not a moment we can recapture.

Today we remember. We remember veterans. We remember wars. We remember heroism and fear and survival.

Some think remembering is nostalgia – imbuing the present moment with a fogged image from long ago.

But remembering is no more than re-joining.  Remembering is when, in a present moment, we join our mind with the present world to see old thoughts in new ways.

Remembering is not a nostalgic satisfaction or fixation.  It is how we interact with the environment in which we live. It is about joining ourselves to the present moment, and having the courage to not look back.

That’s our tribute to the brave, and the fearful, and the survivors who came before us.