Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Mitt Romney will never choose Paul Ryan as his VP

For republicans, this year's presidential bid is a throwaway election.  

Romney’s not going to beat Obama, and republicans are not even sure they want him to.  The Bush recession isn't over, and the slow growth is likely to continue for at least another year or so.  Better for republicans to carp from the sidelines than risk  taking responsibility.

You can tell Romney’s going to lose because despite Obama's hard times, he's still better liked than  Mitt.  Republicans know this, for one very solid reason – they don’t like Mitt either.

You know it’s a throwaway election because no serious republican even considered getting in the race – no Chris Christie, no Jeb Bush, no Colin Powell or Condie Rice.

The question the republican party needs to ponder is - do they really want Romney’s November flameout to drag the Ryan budget down with him?

If Paul Ryan’s on the ticket, November 6 will go down as the day America clearly rejected his much touted plan for returning America to the Days of Deep Depression.  It's one thing to have a bunch of nuns, labor unions, Democrats and Catholic bishops tell you your budget plan is unholy, but when Americans reject in an election, it's toast.  Fait accompli.  
If republicans want to go into the 113th congress with the continued hope of further confounding Obama, privatizing Medicare and Social Security, taxing the working person and returning to the Roaring 20’s, they need the pseudo-serious Ryan plan to rattle in their fists as they spew their fire and brimstone.

But when a Romney-Ryan ticket loses, what will they have, except foul temperament and the penchant to blame Obama for everything from the weather to their dog’s unfortunate bowel habits.  

A Romney-Ryan ticket is the death of the republican agenda.

So snooze up, America. It's going to be Portman or Pawlenty for VP.  Or, if Romney wants to suddenly go adventuresome, Marco Rubio to hustle up the Florida vote.